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As a custom app development company, we help businesses create custom apps that bring new opportunities to all of their customers.


Take Advantage of World-Class App Development Company

With our customized app development service, we are able to create high-end and innovative apps that meet the corporate needs of clients. We are a experts of highly motivated and skilled professionals who focus on delivering quality work at an affordable price. We work hard to ensure our clients are happy with our excellent product and service offerings

Mobile App Development Services

You are going to enjoy the best in-town app development solutions that work perfectly to charge up your business game. With a high level of excellent professionals, project delivery is always on schedule with strict adherence to coding standards.

App Development

Your idea is a big one, and your mobile App deserves the best. We help you develop your App swiftly to strengthen your venture.

Blockchain Development

Begin your trek on the blazingly-fast, low-cost & eco-friendly blockchain built for users with the help of our talented app developers. They assist you throughout the project.

Augmented Reality

We develop your App by using modern sounds, visual elements and other sensory stimuli and deliver it via technology. Our working methodologies will update you all the time.


Game Development

Design realistic 2D or 3D games for mobile devices under the supervision of our pure app professionals. Making it helps you stand out from the competition.

Custom iOS and Android apps development

You can develop your App for both IOS and Android with the useful help of our custom app developers. They will amaze you with their professionalism.

Native and cross-platform solutions

We have built-in hands-on experience in developing apps for all types of platforms. Our native and cross-platform developers strive hard to exceed your expectations.

Second platform app development

Our cross-platform app development promises to deliver both Android and iOS native apps from one codebase, a two-for-one deal. If that sounds good, just ping us and get ready to get the best services.

UI/UX design

We get in touch with our clients after the work is done and ensure that they don't face any issues during their app journey. We have 24/7 available to assist you during and after the app development.


Maintenance and post-warranty support

We get in touch with our clients after the work is done and ensure that they don't face any issues during their app journey. We have 24/7 available to assist you during and after the app development.

Mobile App Development With Its Core Proficiency

At Teknohus, we believe that creating valuable and up-to-mark mobile apps is an art form. Our company is built on the basis of delivering high-quality mobile applications with cutting-edge features and elegant design. We take care of every piece of information so that your users have a comfortable experience when using your App. With our smooth app development process, the applications we build are interesting, robust, user-friendly, and well-crafted. Our developers work with you to develop apps that are effective and intuitive so that users can get more out of your business.

Apps Developed By Teknohus Speak Its Sucess By Itself

What better way to reassure potential customers that your business is more than just a logo and product range? With your mobile App, you can get the attention of the visitors to pique their interest and make them feel important. Our development process remains the same. Whether you are a small-scale venture, a startup, or an enterprise looking to build a mobile app, our development process remains the same. We help our customers communicate with their friends and family, business associates and customers directly by providing user-friendly mobile applications.

CMS Websites

CMS websites are popularly known for their content management system that can hold a variety of content within. These include documents, text, images, and visual and audio files. With an open-source CMS, it is easy to delete, upload, and edit data easily, without having to deal with the coding hassles. American Web Coders provides hassle-free CMS development services so that you can upload your website content faster without delay.

Why We Are Your First and Foremost Choice?

Due to our position as the leading app development company, we are free to ask our clients about their App needs time and time again. We’d love to tell you why we should be your number one choice.

Customer Satisfaction

Our client trust is our motivation. It is our goal to polish our strategies in a way that is totally client-friendly and works brilliantly to win them over. 

Agile Procedure

Throughout the process of optimizing our processes and delivering optimal results, our team uses the Agile methodology and conducts frequent scrum events.

Dedicated Teams

Teknohus’s experienced and prolific team of app coders will utilize modern techniques and proven strategies to develop your applications. Every step is custom curated to set new trends in your apps.

Integrity & Transparency

Transparency is a mirror we hold up to our clients when we interact with them. Each step of the process is transparent to them because we do not leave behind anything to improve their success.

Flexible Engagement Models

Our way of working is flexible. We curate all the procedures and methods according to our client’s needs. Because their satisfaction is our strength to deal with every hurdle.

Competitive Pricing

Finding out what product to develop is the first step. As a team, we discuss with you to explore the product idea and come up with a solution that meets your needs. You get a product prototype (often with a ready-made design), a well-developed business logic, and a tech proposal, which includes an estimation, a project timeline, and an outline of the proposed technology stack.

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Our App Development Process

Building Successful Stories is Our Profession

Discovery Phase

Finding out what product to develop is the first step. As a team, we discuss with you to explore the product idea and come up with a solution that meets your needs. You get a product prototype (often with a ready-made design), a well-developed business logic, and a tech proposal, which includes an estimation, a project timeline, and an outline of the proposed technology stack.


The next phase starts with developing your imagination into reality. An experienced team of engineers is assembled by our app development agency, along with a dedicated project manager. Our app developers start utilizing all the practices and strategies that have been planned in the first phase. They begin with the coding and proven methodologies to curate such an app that is mind-blowing and responsive.


In this phase, we kickstart the App and make sure the front end is looking good. We oversee all of the front-end development work, including our designers and developers. The App will be launched to the public, and users can use it for your service or product.


A project is not abandoned halfway after it has been launched on the market. We can choose either of the two options. Our team can assist you in keeping your product functional by making minor improvements if your users love it. If your App is not meeting the needs of users, you may need to add new features.

State of The Art App Development Company

At Teknohus, we are a team of high-performing software engineers and mobile application development specialists. We offer the most cost-effective software platform on the market, with a simple and intuitive interface that allows users to automate their entire business in one step. All our services are automated, so you can focus on your core business by joining thousands of companies already got touch with us and taking advantage of our self-explanatory app development services. We’re an experienced software development team with an eye for building world-famous mobile apps that reflect your brand.

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Industries We Excel At

With our tools and techniques, we are able to offer high-quality UI/UX design services at a reasonable price. Check them below:
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Social Media

By creating truly trendy social media platforms, we continue to develop this omnipotent sphere. Developing social media mobile apps, we cater to users' unique needs and bring them together.

Marketplace Icon


The creation of marketplaces is what we do best. Multiple businesses have used our development team to build sophisticated marketplaces that generate substantial profits and win clients.

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Education & Learning

We are a software development provider that builds outstanding software for tutors and learners. Our mission is to make education accessible to everyone, no matter where they are.

Healthcare Icon


Medical care professionals and their patients benefit from the innovative software we create using best practices in health tech.

Fintech Icon


Our company produces state-of-the-art, secure software that helps our clients provide financial services efficiently and professionally. By moving the finance industry forward, we make a difference.

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Travel & Hospitality

With cutting-edge technology, we create custom booking systems, reservation platforms, and travel mobile apps. Call us now and let the game starts!

Key Highlights our work in numbers.

Build your web presence to thrive just like many others have, and let experienced technicians and digital creators develop functionalities that rivet your target audience.
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App Development Design Company

Find answers to the most common FAQs about App Development designers, projects, and more. Don’t find the answer you are looking for?

What is App Development?
App development is the process of designing, coding and testing an application. Once completed, it will allow users to interact with your business on their phones or other electronic devices.
How much does it cost to build a mobile app?
Mobile app development is a cost-effective and efficient way for businesses to reach out to their customers. However, not all software developers are equal. So how much does it cost to build mobile apps? Let's take a look at what goes into creating an app, the role of technology in the process, and how much it can cost you.
What does the process look like?
The app development process looks like a lot. But in reality, it's really not all that hard. If you have the perfect tools and processes, you can complete your app construction work within just a few days or weeks!
What type of mobile development should I choose?
A few things to look at when choosing a mobile development platform are storage capacity, battery life, memory usage, cost and data transfer speeds (e.g., 3G or Wi-Fi). Additional factors include mobile operating system requirements, device type (e.g., smartphone vs. tablet), projected user traffic and the use of app stores.
What is the difference between IOS and Android App Development?
Apple and Google have created mobile operating systems to compete with each other, and the features of their mobile apps are nearly identical. However, there are some differences that affect developers: Android allows developers to access a device's camera and microphone through APIs. IOS does not offer this API, so if you want to use it for camera access or recording audio, it's slightly easier on Android.