Pros and Cons of WordPress Website Development in 2022

The world is changing day by day, and every business is shifting online at the speed of light. This is only happening due to rapid modification in technology. Likewise, all ventures are moving their products and services online to increase their global accessibility. To ensure their branding does not have any loopholes, they use different CMS when designing and developing websites. According to predictions, WordPress will be on the rise in both 2022-2023 to be able to offer new features for all businesses, small and large. Fortunately, Teknohus understand the needs of the trending markets and deliver quality website development services in any language you want. We even come one step ahead to provide you with custom WordPress development solutions that work perfectly and become your brand voice. Our WordPress crew is ready to help you out in this regard without taking any extra charges. However, to let you understand better how WordPress works, we will discuss its key pros and cons that definitely give a clear message. Keep scrolling:

Pros of Selecting WordPress Development

In this article, we will spotlight some of the reasons why you might love WordPress.

User-friendly CMS

This CMS provides easy-to-use and simple management according to user demands. Provide all the important functions of your website right at the top with one click! Experience a more efficient, intuitive way of managing content. Our enterprise-grade CMS websites help you make informed decisions by offering features such as flexible document options and commercial packages — all at an affordable price.


One of the best benefits of a content management system (CMS) is that you can install many plugins as per your choice. You can select different types of theme themes and use them according to your requirement. It makes it easy to customize the site without having to worry about the design or functionality of the website. Additionally, if a particular website is not working properly, there are many reasons for it. Adding different plugins can eliminate your errors and help you run your website hassle-freely. So instead of providing customers with only certain features, you can make them more comfortable by adding more features on their own.

friendly and Responsive

Responsive Design

There are many people who use mobile phones and search for things they need on them. So, developing a responsive website design for your business can help you deliver your products or service on both desktops and mobiles. Also, with a responsive design, your website loading speed will be enhanced, and users will not face any issues. As a result, you will be able to deliver the perfect services at the right time. 


We are at an all-time high when it comes to SEO best practices. WordPress promotes these best practices well. Many SEO plugins are available to help you optimize content, meta tags, keyword focus, and more! We here at Teknohus use Yoast SEO as our plugin of choice. Each WordPress site is SEO-ready if it has free plugins, like Yoast. It is impossible to optimize a website for SEO better than WordPress. Our front end & back-end developers are ready to help you out throughout your WordPress website development.

Open Source

WPBeginner describes WordPress as an open source software that anyone can use, study, modify, and redistribute its source code.”. Due to the GPLv2 license, WordPress themes and plugins are available for free, and programmers are able to share codes openly. Using existing code can save a lot of time and cash by reducing the need to develop new code.

You don’t need proprietary software that can be accessed only by a small group of developers if you use an open-source platform. You can work with a third-party agency or partner to develop your WordPress website.

If you ever need to change partners, there are several WordPress developers who can support your website.

Cons of WordPress Development

Here, we will discuss some key cons of it:


WordPress is still the most popular CMS on the internet. However, there have been a number of coming improvements that may help make it easier to use and more friendly for non-techies, including a new speaker selection feature in WordPress 5.2, which will allow users to select their preferred audio device with compatible speakers in iOS and Mac devices. Plus, many more updates are planned for the next few months, including a new media manager option and other minor tweaks.


Using WordPress, you need to keep in mind that there are always chances of hacking. The criminals control the sites and can control them anytime. This is the dark side of WordPress development. WordPress is open-source and free to use. It allows users to post, edit and comment on any type of site. It is one of the most popular content management systems (CMS) around. WordPress kernel is written in PHP, which makes it vulnerable to hackers.


Sometimes, the speed of WordPress goes slow due to multiple configuration errors, database connection problems or other issues. So this can make your site unresponsive and troublesome. Also, when you install too many plugins on it, your WordPress site will be slow, and users can face hurdles while loading it.


Customization can be expensive, so we hesitate to invest in it. The WordPress drag-and-drop web builder is much more flexible than other drag-and-drop tools. It can be complicated if you don’t know WordPress and didn’t hire an expert to create your site. WordPress core updates may cause some problems on your website, as mentioned above. 

It is possible that these updates may cause some functionality to break. If you don’t employ best practices when designing the site, this may cause problems.

Considering all these considerations, we are here to help you out by delivering the best and most reliable WordPress website development services at affordable prices. Your website can be managed by our professionals, who can eliminate many of the disadvantages listed above. For help launching your most user-friendly and secure website, browse our website and ping us now to get the best solutions possible. 

Round Off!

The brilliant team at Teknohus is ready to hold your hand while delivering world-class WordPress development services that work proficiently in boosting your business. They always come up with a new strategy and plan that works. So, this is the right time to shift your offline business to online. Call us now and get a custom quote with 24/7 customer support.

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