What Do You need to Know About Shopify Migration?

Businesses are growing at lightning speed and opening new doors of opportunity for everyone. As for companies, they are constantly developing themselves. They are migrating to Shopify in order to operate their online stores worldwide. 

Here’s a blog post for you if you’re considering migrating to Shopify as a business owner or online seller. Also, if you are looking to take services, then you should welcome Teknohus for your convenience. We have a team of Shopify migraters who are tremendous in their work and can convert imaginations into reality. Their way of working is totally client-friendly, which ensures you are going to enjoy premium services without any hassle. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the important things you need to consider before switching to Shopify audiences. Hence, if you’re ready for your venture to take off, read on!

Factors To Consider

Back-Office Integration

Integrating back-office systems is the crux of online stores, so it is imperative that the Shopify theme is compatible.

Your Shopify theme must be compatible with your eCommerce site’s back office software, otherwise, it won’t work. Find out if developers can work with Shopify’s API and make sure your new theme will work with the necessary back-office systems. The app store has more than 1,000 apps designed to integrate 3rd party software, but depending on the type of integration you’re looking for, this may not apply! 

It is a great idea to hire our web development company with a great portfolio of Shopify business migrations. We are a technical web development company that integrates Shopify eCommerce websites. It will also not bother you that we have a good grasp on communication.

Shopify Migration Service

Blog Posts & Articles

You can easily migrate your blog posts and articles to Shopify thanks to its many tools. If you want to replace embedded images in these files, you must use a relative path because they may not exist on the hosting server where they were originally located.

You can save time and hassle when migrating your website by hosting media files externally or using an app from Shopify. Even our SEO Service Agency can assist you with the migration process of your blog posts and articles to Spotify.

Customer Passwords

Shopify imports only customer records when you migrate from another platform. Managing multiple accounts in a single management tool makes it easy for business owners, but transferring sensitive or encrypted information like passwords becomes a challenge.

However, you can resolve this issue under the supervision of our Spotify Plus solution. A Shopify Plus feature called bulk account inviter sends an email to customers and activates accounts to remind them to reset their passwords.

Shopify Plugins

Plugins for data migration are available in Shopify’s app store for all your eCommerce business’s migration needs. They are all equally efficient at transferring customer and product information from your old store to Shopify without any hassle or complexity.

 There are many Shopify plugins that are easy to use and popular, such as the Matrixify App, which lets you migrate your data from your old website in bulk, Cart2Shop Store Migration App, which lets you move all your products at once. Using the Transporter App, you’ll be able to transfer a lot of data from another site quickly, while using the Store Importer App, you can import everything from your existing e-commerce store to Shopify!

You can hire our experts who specialize in bulk data import in the eCommerce world if you are still unsure about how to transfer your store data. Their solutions are top-notch, and they can help you from scratch.

Shopify Support

The Shopify platform offers 24/7 customer support, including phone calls and emails. Live chat is also available to resolve specific problems or to ask questions about how things work; it’s free!

Additionally, if you purchase a theme from their store, they typically provide free telephone technical assistance for several months. However, you should be aware that not all designers within our industry are based out of the United States–so do your research before choosing a provider that suits your needs the best.

Pricing & Plans Models of Shopify 

The main Shopify pricing models are four, and Shopify Lite is an optional fifth model for Facebook sellers. Shopify’s own payment system, Shopify payments, makes trading online easy. You do not need any lengthy applications with Internet Merchant & Online Payment Providers because you just have your legitimate bank account and card details available, so you have extremely low entry barriers when compared with other traditional ways to trade online.

With Shopify Payments, you’ll be able to access low, competitive transaction fees without having to incur additional scaling costs. Alternatively, you could use third-party payment providers that charge lower rates, but beware: they may come at a cost!

You can use other third-party payment providers for lower transaction fees, but you’ll still get charged additional per-purchase scaling rates at 2%, 1%, and 0.5%. This might be worthwhile if your store has a high number of sales per month because it’s more cost-effective than moving onto the Shopify Payments model with its own setup costs as well as a monthly fee, which can range anywhere between $0 -$1500 depending on what features are enabled/needed in addition to varying international exchange rates throughout each year.

Although you will pay more per transaction, considering all the business benefits mentioned above, it is well worth it. A website is only one part of your eCommerce store. Your bandwidth and hosting costs will never again be a concern when you run it on autopilot with 24/7 support!

 Final Words!

Teknohus is a great agency to deliver Shopify migration services at reasonable prices. Our team is brilliant and can easily migrate your website to Shopify, comprising all of your requirements. During the migration process, we ensure that no data will be lost. Our QA experts are ready to exceed your expectations while delivering quality services at a minimal cost. Let’s talk.

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