What is Shopify Audience and How Does It Work?

Digital marketing is a rapidly evolving field. Independent brands are struggling to compete with larger corporations in acquiring customers through targeted ads and other methods like social media promotion campaigns because the cost and difficulty of doing business have increased greatly.

Big corporations, like Apple, in the recent iOS update, have been enforcing data privacy legislation on various platforms, regardless of the size of your business.

The business has therefore had to adapt in order to survive. Shopify Audiences, however, might have lessened the need for their efforts since Shopify Experts believe Shopify Audiences alleviates the need for their efforts. 

What is Shopify Audience?

In an effort to help brands reach potential customers, Shopify Audiences matches them up with products from the merchant’s catalog. Using Shopify Marketing Techniques without violating data privacy regulations is ideal for businesses looking to increase sales and market themselves effectively.

With Shopify Audiences, you can reach new customers through digital marketing. With the cost of acquiring e-commerce customers increasing more than 200% in the past 18 months alone, this is a difficult and expensive process.

By using Shopify’s platform, you can create custom audiences that maximize reach for your campaign while providing insights into which campaigns performed best based on channel spending/sales after launch.

With this approach, you can achieve your acquisition goals for a fraction of what it would have cost when trying out different approaches.

Updates to Shopify Audiences

Many businesses struggle to stay afloat in an increasingly competitive market. Their advertising costs continue to rise, which is one of the most challenging areas for them. Fortunately, Shopify just announced some new updates to Shopify Audiences.

Now that Shopify eCommerce businesses have access to targeting options based on various demographic factors, advertising is easier than ever before. These changes include the following:

Shopify Audience Service

Shopify Audiences Is Now Available With Google:

You can target potential customers in your audience based on their browsing behavior by using Shopify Audiences and Google. This new advertising platform feature could target people who are looking at something online but have never purchased it before with advertisements that would encourage them to buy similar products or services!

Bringing together the features of two popular platforms like these can really help maximize visibility across all channels and reach those who are most likely to take action now. Your competitors may already know about this opportunity, so don’t miss out.

Shopify Audiences Now Offer Storewide Targeting For E-commerce Businesses

Shopify Audiences make it easier to create storewide audiences. You can now reach buyers for all your products with just one campaign!

Marketing on various platforms is easier than ever before, thanks to the automatic refreshment of audiences based on current market conditions. The Shopify platform simplifies the process of generating interest groups with similar interests in mind so that every customer has access to not just a specific product but your entire product range.

Shopify Audiences Also Offers Social Media Integrations

It looks like shopping campaigns are about to get a lot more promising in the next generation. Now that Shopify Audiences supports Facebook, Instagram, Google Display Network, YouTube, Gmail, and Google Search ads, it is possible to reach new audiences as well as engage existing ones.

Unlock Buyers At All Stages Of The Funnel

Due to Shopify’s enhanced Audiences, you can reach your target customers at all stages of their buying journey with a well-targeted list of prospects during the holiday season. Shopify offers both Storewide audiences and newly automated processes that generate more engaging ads.

The availability of Google Ads this year means there will be no interruptions or confusing interfaces, so eCommerce business owners and marketers can focus on their sales during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

A Shopify Audience will be automatically created and refreshed:

Shopify Audiences allows you to create multiple audiences for marketing campaigns. With just one login, you can maximize reach and drive conversions!

You no longer need to worry about what kind of audience to cater to since Shopify automatically generates three Meta target groups and two Google advertisement audience lists for every profile.

In addition, the Shopify Ads platform now has an auto-refresh feature to ensure your audiences are always up-to-date and aligned with campaign objectives.

Shopify Audience App

Create audiences of people who share your target market’s interests and purchasing power using the Shopify Audiences app. In the future, these custom audiences will also be able to be used for TikTok, Snap, Pinterest, Microsoft Advertising, and Criteo integration, in addition to Instagram and Facebook Ads for now.

In the U.S. and Canada, Shopify Plus users who use Shopify Payments can now advertise to their customers using Shopify audience advertising tools. This tool is only available to Shopify Plus users, so if you want to use it, you need to upgrade to Shopify Plus.


One of Shopify’s most powerful features is Shopify Audiences. Increase your sales by targeting customers with Shopify Audiences.

This blog post explains what audiences are and how the Shopify Audience App works. Furthermore, we discussed how market analysis could help you improve your targeting efforts. To conclude, we have provided you with a few tips on retargeting and targeting recurring customers to increase new sales.

Being a leader in the market, the Shopify Experts at Teknohus can help you set up Shopify Audiences or answer any questions you may have about how they can help you grow your business. We’re here to help you with Shopify!

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